What You Should Know Before You Install A Solar Power System

Posted on: 2 September 2020

There are a few things you need to know about your home and your needs before you install a solar power system, no matter how important saving money and resources is. While solar power systems are a great resource for most homes and businesses, there is still a lot you need to know before you begin the installation process.

Want to begin your solar power system installation today? This is the information you need to know before you install your system so that the installers know how many panels you need and how big they should be.

How Much Power You Use

One of the first things you need to know before installing is how much power your home or business actually uses. Every home has different power needs.

Your home may require more than others based on the appliances and lighting setups you have. You might also have different needs based on how many electronics you have in your home and how many people live there. If you have a business, your power needs may depend on your opening hours and the size of your building.

Are you unsure how to find out this information? It is often as simple as looking at your electric bill. You should request your paper bills or sign in online and print statements to show your contractor.

How Much Sun Is Available

Obviously, your home needs access to the sun to have a solar-powered electrical system. The contractor will install panels in a place where they will get the most number of sun hours per day. You may need more panels if your home does not get much sun.

Keep in mind that solar panels can be installed on the ground if you have a lot of unused land and not enough space on your roof for the power you need.

Your Budget

One of the last things you need to know is how much you are able to spend on this project. The cost of the solar panels, platform, and installation can vary from location to location. Make sure you approach the project with a budget to avoid surprises.

Your Solar System Installation Company

Finally, you need to know which solar system installation company you want to use. You should research the abilities and expertise of each company before you make a decision. Make sure to call a professional to learn more about your options for solar power installation.


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