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Difference in PC-RO to Mobile RO

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#1 yabutron


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Posted 28 November 2013 - 12:12 AM

This will serve as a guide for those people who think that the game mechanics in pc and mobile ro are the same.


  • Job change doesn't need quests and exams.
  • Job change is at job level 35.
  • Skill points will be conserved.
  • Your job level will be the same after job change. You will only unlock the advanced skills.
  • All jobs can ride a pecopeco or any mount. You cannot attack in mount mode.

Four Job Classes

  • Swordsman/Knight - 1 hand or 2 hand swords only.
  • Acolyte/Priest - mace only.
  • Mage/Wizard - staff only, cannot equip shield.
  • Thief/Assassin - katars or dagger only. cannot dual wield.



  • Inventory is now slot dependent. Maximum of 96 slots.
  • Increase slots by equipping Bags and Pets.
  • Overweight is not related to Strength stat. It still affects your HP/SP regeneration.
  • Storage is not shared. You are given 8 kafra storage slots per character. This is expandable though. (Up to 80 slots total i think. i am not sure here.)
  • Tossing an item to the ground will destroy it. Pass items through trade only. Not all items are trade-able.



  • All jobs can cast skills while walking. Only Sage in PC-RO
  • You can cast skills while overweight.
  • AoE skills cannot be targeted, they are cast around the character.
  • Angelus is now a single target buff



  • Crit - 5 STR gives 1 crit. There is no LUK stat here, 
  • Flee - 10 AGI gives 1 flee. Flee works like Perfect Dodge in PC RO.
  • Hit - There is no DEX stat here. (hit accuracy is to be tested because of the update)
  • Matk - final matk = [character level + 3*(total int) ] x [1 + weapon matk% / 100] + fixed weapon matk + fixed card matk
  • Atk - 1 STR gives an average of 3 atk. Higher base STR gives higher atk per point.
  • Def - VIT def gives more than 1 damage reduction per VIT. Armor def and Armor Upgrade def are stack-able. (In PC-RO, Armor Upgrade def reduces damage by a percentage while Armor def reduces total damage by a fixed amount). Armor def does not reduce by percentage (you can reach 400+ def). They say that 1 VIT reduces the same damage as 2-3 def


  • Parties can accommodate only a maximum of four people.
  • You cannot see their HP/SP at their character but there will be a column on the screen.



  • Usable items got global cool downs. I think it is around 1 second cool down,
  • Items are only stack-able up to 20 per bundle or set.
  • Items have a rarity Rank1(white), Rank2, Rank3Rank4, and Rank5
  • Equipment slots are rank dependent: Rank2 gives one, Rank3 gives two, Rank4 gives three.
  • Cards can be compounded to raise its rank, compounding two cards will give one random higher ranked card or one random same rank card if failed.



  • Equipment and other items can be crafted by all jobs. Talk to Artificers at towns to know more about crafting. RO-PC permits only alchemists and blacksmiths to do these.
  • You can disassemble Armors, Manteaus, Shoes, and Weapons to get runes which are needed for crafting.





  • Kafra - you can warp to a town if you have already talked to a kafra there
  • Normal Blacksmith - upgrade equipment here. 
  • Precision Forging Blacksmith - use sup. forge tools here to save your item from breaking, they may revert if failed though.
  • Auction - sell items for auction for 2 or 7 days. They will be there 24 hours even if you are not online. You must pay a tax of 2% the sell price to sell your item. Items there are sorted by total selling price, not by price per piece.

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#2 frankz


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Posted 29 November 2013 - 09:29 AM

- Knight can no longer fight on peco u.u

- Crit: 10str for 1 crit.

- Flee: 10 AGI for 1 flee.



You happen to know how VIT damage reduction is calculated? Or is it the same as defense?  In old RO, BIT was "soft defense" meaning you'd only receive 1point of damage less for every 1 VIT. However, tanks seem to agree VIT is way more influential than DEF in this game.

#3 risend


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Posted 29 November 2013 - 07:11 PM

@frankz DEF is most likely applied first, then VIT. So for example DEF/Cards reducing damage down to 201, then 150 vit kicks in, vit does a huge part at that point. But if your def sucks and just reduced to 350, 150 vit doesnt seem as strong. They work together. 


I been meaning to add to this thread, but as soon as I come here. I forget what I noted was different. Haha. I will try to write it down later.


Pots - they got global cooldowns. No spamming allowed

Cast-walking - everyone can do it, i do it on my priest when i buff. so much more entertaining, heh.

Shared storage - no longer works in this version! I know some ppl that didn't know that.

AOE - they surround you, you can't target areas with it

Blacksmiths - there are two blacksmiths for different types of forging, use the wrong one for precision forging and your item will break even with tool in inventory

#4 yabutron


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Posted 30 November 2013 - 01:03 AM

thanks guys for the inputs. :)

Country: Philippines    Server: Ran   Priest: yr02   Knight: yr03   Wizard: yr07   Assassin: yr18 & yr16

#5 Cuchuflay


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Posted 04 March 2014 - 07:40 PM

This should be Pinned at Game information!


I was looking for How Def-Vit Works, thanks for the info.. i thought that Def and Vit reduces % damage.. no flat damage.. So now i am impressed.. Figured out that for an assasain is too expensive get good def, but you wont get too much dmg reduction from +60 Monsters :/

#6 kitach



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Posted 14 December 2014 - 07:32 PM

How can make a male thief??¿

#7 speedytabz


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Posted 15 December 2014 - 07:10 PM

^ that's not an option as of the moment.

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