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RAN abyss dungeon

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#21 Cutter



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Posted 27 January 2014 - 07:41 PM

I do hope all the discussion help us on getting better results from intermediate abyss on our server but not just fight to each other.

(I also hope more ppl come to this forum to learn how to play abyss since risend has post awesome information for that)




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Posted 27 January 2014 - 10:46 PM

Everyone should do their role in abyss.. FS buffs and heals.. WIZ SPAMMING SKILLS  WALLS tanking, DPS do their thing.. 



Seriously I've seen wizards camping at statue locations in the hope of getting it… Tell me if it doesn't' frustrate you.. shy

#23 Ardnaxe26


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Posted 21 February 2014 - 04:36 PM

First of all, I agree that we should have enough ppl to get the statues down asap. However, in the later phase of the boss fight, I used to see a tons of minions killing players even before players can hit the boss. So if wiz can help to kill the minions before they get too many, I think its better for overall boss fight.


Second, as a DPS knight, I can NOT use any skill when I am in Dwarf mode. Are you sure you can still cast MS near the boss?? Plz let me know since I never play wiz.

If you also can NOT case skills then you realize that DPS knight has the advantage since the high ASPD. (ATK and MATK do not affect the damage output in Dwarf mode)


PS. If I remember correctly, intermediate abyss require Lv40 to enter. Your buff maybe passed to an AFKer but definitely not Lv17.

( Additionally, I personally hate AFKer so much. So I tried to send tickets to WP and asked them not even give a key piece to ppl who did "0" damage.)


You don't get me bro.


Getting Dwarf is a privilege. You never hamper someone from getting what is allowed to everyone. But I understand where you are coming from. Ofc, Wiz and FS are highly discouraged. Secondly, you didn't understand what I said. I said that dwarf was passed to me and the persons started cursing me. Does insulting promote cooperation? I would prefer to hit as dwarf for a few seconds RATHER THAN getting killed repeatedly whilst casting MS as a non-dwarf. Besides, it was passed to me, maybe it was meant for me. Lol.


I was talking about DWARF STATUE DESTRUCTION. We have bolts + nap beat + meelee atk (5+5+1+1. Do the math). Ofc, I would surely give the Dwarf Mode to a person with high aspd. Who wouldn't? Did I say wizards should get it?


What I am not happy about is that a lot of people curse in-game when they see a wiz on Dwarf Avatar. Like it's the end of the world. Before you curse us wizards with Dwarf, go curse the AFKers first. At least we do some damage.


Don't pun me bro. Try looking at a Wizard's point-of-view, it seems like all of you are conspiring against us. I also loathe Wizards who try their best to get Dwarf Statues, but I always PM them to give the final hit to either DPS or SIN. I explain, NOT curse. It's always part of learning. Cursing would just make things worse. A newbie Wizard will be scared to enter again if you start it with an air of cruelty.


This is a lesson for everyone. Before you open your foul mouth inside the dungeon, think first. (Earlier, only 3 active Wizards are in my Intermediate Abyss room [PM Saibabe/Hanacute/Klavie/Cappleu for proof]. Does that infer anything?)

#24 Vraex



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Posted 13 March 2014 - 08:20 AM

I've nothing against katar sins, but it would be better if they'd give way to ppl who have higher aspd. I see some who'd still cast SB when it's about to break, of course you'll have higher chance of getting dwarf.. but what's next?


Yes, you deal a great amount of damage via Sonic Blow, and it's best if you'll be using that all throughout the round, not by sluggishly hitting the boss, ayt? ;)


I did use my katar sin in inter abyss before, and yes, it felt great to have the last hit and be the dwarf.. but after a while I felt useless since I'm not contributing much damage. (sure 3k per hit, but the dps is low)




afk'ers - leave your char dead, so that the random dwarf status can be passed to those who are active


wiz/priest who gets the dwarf status - instead of hitting the boss, reset (*suicide), so that the dwarf status will be passed on to another. (and you could go back to what you're doing best : cast spells / buffs)

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#25 AfroBear


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Posted 13 March 2014 - 11:05 AM

Spot on Vraex. If you are going to bring in Dummies or have the luxury for your Main Character to be a sitting duck, then by all means have some sort of incriminating conscience.


Bah, If you'll be AFK, better be a DEAD one. If the Dwarf passes on to you, you'll ruin 2-3 min. of 3k damage.

#26 Bisma


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Posted 24 March 2014 - 08:57 AM

+1 to Vraex and afrobear.
Lets make it better.

1st of all the fvking AFK ers. I understand we can not force you to join or it's one of your rights, but come on be reasonable, we all would like this to be success. So please dont AFK or worse just sit and chat there.
Don't be selfish.

Seen too many people run away when being targeted, especially those with fear status.
Just die pls, so monster can target the next person without running around so much.

I agree about dwarf prioritize to dps. Even I never intended to become dwarf, I'm wall ill do my job to make it stick even for few seconds.

Please be more active and considered to others as well. Intermediate is not simple thing to be conquered (except boitata)

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