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Evitte's Battlefield Guide for FS v2

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Posted 05 March 2014 - 08:46 AM



Welcome, welcome. Hi I'm evitte from Asgard server. I'm editing this guide in behalf of my sister who started this guide. I am editing the format and updating the content, making it more readable in the process, too.



Ugh, you said it. Unlike the wizards or DPS knights or tanks who have one gear for everything, we priests cannot enter the battlefield wearing our healer / grind gears, lest we become fame fodder for these folks. I've been there: entering the battlefield wearing healer gear, not exactly a ball. Often I get OHKO by a random firebolt and walking into a Meteor Storm will get me knocked out in 2 hits.  :( It's a really frustrating experience. But luckily, given you have enough dedication and resources, you can turn things around and become a formidable force in the battlefield. One that's instantly recognized as a threat or a valuable ally.



Priests inside the training field are like tanks that can heal reliably and punish back with Holy Light. A priest's main mission inside the field is to take base--and for some, scare people away from the base to secure longevity. Any other way of playing is just not as efficient / rewarding.



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Posted 05 March 2014 - 08:46 AM


Depending on your server and its main threats, there are two basic stats to increase to ensure your longevity inside the BFIELD: HP and MDEF or HP and VIT.


HP (For All servers)

HP is the most important stat for priests inside the field. But it's also the most expensive to raise. Even with an MDEF at 257, you can still get OHKO by an FB if your HP is flat 6000 or less. 1200 MATK * 5 fire bolt strikes is 6000 HP. Bye. And if your HP is below 3,000 after a heal back, you will meet your end with the follow up lightning bolt. Most priests are advised to raise their HP to 8K at least, anything below that will get you knocked out often. In some cases, one will not be able to survive a Poring-boosted Sonic Blow by an assassin with more than 1K ATK. Sonic Blow hits 8 times and 1500+ per hit will OHKO you.


INT, MDEF (or SPR) (Asgard)

Wizards dominate the battlefields of Asgard. Most priests would start with low 100 MDEF and in this case would make you fame fodder. It is suggested that one raise SPR after INT and use HP cards on helm, accessories, and shoes to survive wizard attacks. In evitte's case, after buffs and food, her MDEF sits at 262, enough to walk away from 1200+ MATK poring boosted fire bolt and heal and shrug off another bolt. With enough MDEF and HP, evitte can take 4-5 bolts healing again and again.


INT, DEF (and VIT) (Valhalla, Mimir, Ran, and Alfheim)

Assassins are a popular rising threats in Valhalla and are popular threats in young servers Alfheim and Ran. To survive a brutal Sonic Attack, one will need 40+ VIT and at least 260 DEF. An HP of 10K will be possible with that VIT, allowing the priest to survive the Sonic Blow to heal and survive a Meteor Assault. Luckily, even after a Meteor Assault, Sonic Blow still would be cooling down, giving you a chance to heal and run.



INT and MATK affects your heal. They remain equally important in stealing valk and shrugging off damage. Usual build is to max INT and shed off remaining stats to SPR then VIT or vice versa. But you can be adventurous and do 70 INT 50 VIT 30 SPR and be successful (this is the former build of our server's top priest).

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Posted 05 March 2014 - 08:46 AM


Oh, the fun part and also the most frustrating part! Equipments are the most important thing inside the field. It may be impossible for you to acquire all of these at once, so take your time. The items listed down are the only ones available in the game's current version. Here's the thing, though. Just because it's the best gear in its class doesn't mean that you need to get it. Sometimes, even second best works well if paired with a complimenting gear.






Best in Class

Dwarf's Holy Hat (a) INT +10, MAX HP +360. DEF 34, MDEF 29

Gives you the defenses and the of a Cat Hat S, plus the 360 HP boost. But this helm is difficult to obtain. The best chances so far is to acquire f Dwarf Helms to create this helm. Card this with 3 Goblin 480 HP.


Second Best

Noah's Hat a / Guardian's Wings a INT +8, MAX HP +330. DEF 32, MDEF 27

You lose the 2 MDEF from upgrading from a Cat Hat S and also the +4 bonuses in all stat and most likely 10 MATK. But the 330 HP bonus more than makes up for those and the additional +2 DEF is always welcome. In my experience, I didn't feel much of a difference losing all those, but the additional HP does a lot for you. As for which to get, get what seems easier to obtain for you or what you think looks better. Guardian's Wings a is easier to get so evitte is wearing that now. Box C helms are just painful to obtain, but are something of a status symbol these days. 


Honorable mentions

Frika's Circlet a INT +8, MAX HP +330. DEF 30, MDEF 25.


Noah's hat / Guardian's Wings / Frika's Circlet b - INT +8, ALL +4. DEF 32/30, MDEF 27/25.This totals to 60 MATK, but you don't get any HP bonuses

Noah's hat / Guardian's Wings f - ALL +4, MATK +30. DEF 32, MDEF 27. Should be pretty cheap, given that they have the same stats as the Cat Hat S. Given how effective the Cat Hat S worked for everyone before, this doesn't seem like a bad choice. But for upgraders from the Cat Hat S, this is no real upgrade. So pick this only if you're coming from older helms.



Cat Hat S - With all the new dwarf box a helms popping up like bunnies, this Cat has dropped in value and most priests would have abandoned this in favor of more stylish dwarf helms. This remains a cute little artifact, and a steal. If you can't get this, try and get a Frika's Circlet f, which is basically the same.


All out Offense

Noah's Hat / Guardian's Wings / Frika's Circlet c - The c family gives the most MATK of all the helms, throwing away other stat bonuses and HP for a solid 70 MATK. This can work inside the battlefield, but if you must keep one, I'd rather you put Poring cards for those to improve your heal and never use them inside the Battlefield.

I could not recommend

d Helms and e Helms are perhaps have the weirdest stats of all the dwarf helms. They have too much compromise in terms of your final MATK, but you are free to try them out and report how you did using these helms.

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Posted 05 March 2014 - 08:46 AM





Armors are a little less complicated than helms and the choices are less complicated.


VVVS Rafflesia (best in class) > VVS Rafflesia (second best) > VVVS Holy Rb ( / Phantom Rb S) > VVVS Twilight > Phantom Rb > VVS Twilight / VVS Holy Rb


Against Wiz: MDEF +9 x 3

Against Assassins and DPS : DEF +9 x3


The VVVS Rafflesia gives 36 MDEF and 67 DEF. Then you have the INT bonus and the additional 326HP. Best armor and would be usable until even the next updates. Previously, The Phantom Rb S was previously recommended but the difference in MDEF over a VVVS Holy Rb is paltry, and, that said, it's better to just get a VVVS Holy Rb.


The VVVS Rafflesia is difficult to get, so the next best thing is the VVS Rafflesia. It has a much better a defense stat than the VVVS Holy Rb and the difference in MDEF is not that felt, compared to the VVVS Twilight, it's weaker by 8 DEF stats, but is more balanced and adds VIT / HP too. The 8 VIT adds 40-120 HP depending on your VIT stats and the 8 VIT totals the DEF from VVS Rafflesia to 69, 2 pts higher than the VVVS Rafflesia and VVVSTwilight.


The VVVS Twilight is much more expensive than the VVVS Holy Rb and is recommendable over the latter if you're having trouble with DPS and Assassins. In which case, carding it with DEF+9 cards seems more sensible coupled with a good VIT stat. If you're having trouble with WIZ, then use a VVVS Holy Rb carded with MDEF +9.


The VVS Twilight and VVS Holy Rb are affordable options, but would be less effective in combat.







What exactly is a manteau and why is it so hard to spell? Well, it's basically a cloak, something to wrap around your shoulders and make you feel somewhat protected from the elements. For priests who carded their armor with MDEF cards, a manteau is very important because it can be carded with DEF cards to supply a much needed DEF boost lost to MDEF carding. Manteaus are more straightforward, but the choices are much less compared to armors. 


VVVS Ascetic Manteau > VVVS Wind of Morroc / VVS Ascetic Manteau > VVVS Healing Manteau / Ascetic Manteau > VS Freya's Manteau

Cards: Forest Golem S DEF +6 *3 (AGI +5 for more offensive builds)


The most accessible is the R4 Ascetic Manteau, which you can get for a 16M. Everything else, good luck crafting. VVVS Ascetic and VVVS Wind of Morroc both gives additional HP, but VVVS Ascetic adds 8INT and superior MDEF. A VVS Ascetic Manteau gives 6 INT like most superior manteaus but also boosts your MDEF by 13 pts.

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Posted 05 March 2014 - 08:47 AM

Before we go any further, let's talk about HP % increase found in various equipments.

Most of you know this already, but a lot of accessories and shields promise a % increase in MAX HP. So you get excited over getting 300 HP additional to your already 6000HP. Then upon equipping, that thing only gives 100-200 HP. What rip off? Not really. HP % increase is only applicable to your base HP before HP cards boost plus the HP your total VIT stat gives. In my case, my base HP is 4033 before cards (VIT stat HP added). So when I equip a 5% increase in HP shield, I get 202 additional HP. Note that the simulator found in rovu.info does not get HP computation right as ROVU itself has a screwy way of computing HP.



Shields are a bit tricky. As with most items here, the best shield is of course the one that matches your playing style, but if you haven't established that, then the best way to go with shields is to go with the one that provides the best balance.



VVVS Godly Messenger / Cross Shld S / VVVS Cross Shield / Godly Messenger S / VVVS Angelic Protectn / Phatom Disc S > Phantom Disc / Angelic Protection S / VVVS Iron Guard

Cards: Kukre Neutral resistance 6%


There are two schools of thoughts with shields. Is it better to have more def/mdef or more HP? Basically, if you have trouble with wizards, then the best option is to get as much HP as you can, but if you find yourself always knocked out with one Sonic Blow, then you need to get more VIT/ DEF. For most cases, the best shield to get is the one that provides the best balance. With that, there are three shields that come to mind. The VVVS Godly Messenger gives the best balance of HP and DEF and the MDEF is not too shabby. The Cross Shld S provides 230~HP all while having superior defenses compared to the VVVS Cross Shield which gives an additional 350-400 HP. Just be wary of the MDEF being a little bit flimsy. For the defense hungry, the VVVS Angelic Protectn foregoes the HP bonus and gives a staggering 38 MDEF total and 60 DEF total. Phatom Disc S gives a similar bonus to Godly Messenger S, but the latter gives an additional 40-120 HP depending on your VIT, and is thus more preferable.


For those on a budget, the Phantom Disc an the Disc of Honor S provides feasible options. But carding them with an R4 neutral resistance card seem like a waste.




Depending on which path you want to go / playing style, you should aim for these accessories:

Cards: Goblin R4 HP +180



Divine Ring (of Valkyrie) INT +7, MAXHP +5% 

The loss of 10 MDEF for two pairs of this over a more defensive ALL+5 Divine Ring is complimented by the nice 5% Base HP increase (x2). The 14INT total from two of these and the 400++ HP bonus makes for a really balanced priest. 



Divine Ring INT+7 ALL +5 > VVVS Goddes Brooch > VVS The Sign > Divine Ring INT+7 STR +7 > VS Exorcist Ring

Once upon a time, all priests wanted the highest MATK possible to them. In the battlefield, playing the all MATK card is still popular as it disposes of wizards and assassins faster as compared to the full defensive build. The most popular priest utilizing this build is greedyxangel from Mimir, hitting as high 1146 MATK. Sarciado from Valhalla also utilizes a similar build with 2 12 INT Divine Rings, hitting 1056 MATK after Blessing. 


It might be impossible to collect both Divine Rings and most priests would be sporting One INT12 Divine Ring and a VVVS Goddess Brooch / VVS The Sign. The INT +7 STR +7 ring adds a tiny tiny boost to your Holy Hammer and the INT +7 is a welcome boost of 10 MATK from a VS Exorcist Ring.



Divine Ring ALL +5%, MAX HP +5%> VVVS The Sign > Exorcist Ring R4 > The Sign R3

The ALL+5 HP ring adds 5 VIT (around 20 - 60 HP) and a 5% HP increase. Two of this will give you a bonus HP of 500 to 600 depending on your VIT. VVVS The Sign gives the same HP boost and only lacks 1 VIT, 5 MATK, and 1 SPR point to make up for which is pretty OK. But the ALL 5 HP ring is relatively cheap and making a VVVS The Sign does not make a lot of sense unless you really want a VVS The Sign and managed to make one. The Exorcist R4 is a budget option that adds 110 HP but heavily lacks INT. The Sign R3 is another budget option that lacks a third slot which makes it ineffective, but does add 4% HP.


Additional Notes from Mich:

* 7 INT translates to 35 MATK roughly and 35 MATK translates to 127HP more heal and 169HP~ more dmg from Holy Light.

* The idea is to get as much balance as you can. The perfect blend of HP and MATK will guarantee longevity and kill rate.

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Posted 05 March 2014 - 08:47 AM



Pets & Shoes

Pets and shoes go hand in hand. They are paired in terms of what you opt to sacrifice for the other. This is further discussed below

Viable Pets: Nightmare / Sohee / Marse. In the absence of a Sohee, an Alice may prove useful too. 


INT Pet, HP/MDEF Shoes

Sohee is your standard grinding partner and is also not very hard to get after the spin event, thus most priests would be found using this combo as it is easier to acquire. An Alice can be used instead, in case a Sohee is not immediately available. Pair these pets with


Phantom Shoes S (1900 GC) > Phantom Shoes (550 GC) > Seyren Boots S (BOX D)

Cards: Goblin 480HP *3 


Phantom Shoes S is a bit difficult to get, but it offers 150 HP and 32 MDEF total. That's 18 MDEF higher than your VVVS Blessed Shoes / VVVS Seyren Boots. So much MDEF. If you find that too expensive, Phantom Shoes at 550 GC should serve you well with 130HP and 27 MDEF total. Lastly, Seyren Boots S with a 3% SP recovery may also work if you're using a 50% MATK up Mace.


HP Pet, INT Shoes combo

Nightmare adds a valuable 350HP but is very rare so you might want to look for a Marse, which gives 250 HP. These two pair well with 


VVVS Seyren Boots > VVS Seyren Boots / VVVS Blessed Shoes > VVS Forest Shoes > VS Sleipnir > VS Forest Shoes

Cards: Goblin 480HP *3 


VVVS Seyren gives 7 INT and 110HP bonus. Its DEF and MDEF are also great at 21/14. But crafting it is a pain. The cost and the materials alone. If you happen to get a VVS Seyren from all the tries, then that's also usable. Has the same bonus as VVVS Blessed shoes, but tops both shoes in MDEF at 17 MDEF. Too bad it doesn't have the coveted HP bonus. VVVS Blessed Shoes is just as good as VVS Seyren, and is cheaper to craft, just don't hope you can get it in 10 tries. VVS Forest gives 5 INT and 13 total MDEF and is just as usable. VS Sleipnir and VS Forest will do just fine, but carding them with 480 HP can seem like a waste. I suggest an Alice 400HP for these two until you can procure any of the aforementioned shoes.


Optionally, you may also use the Seyren Boots S2 from BOX D. It has its MDEF pegged at 31 and there's a 3 INT bonus. 


HP Pet, HP Shoes combo

I have not tried this, but this is viable if you have maxed your INT. A nightmare and a 1900 GC Shoes should work very well together and ensure your longevity. But, oh, the frustration you'll have when you Holy Light a valk and it gets away with like 300 HP left. With an HP Pet, Int shoes combo this still happens to me, and I can imagine it to be more frequent. 30-35 MATK will be lost if you don't use an INT shoes / pet. This translates to 127 HP of heal and 169 HP Holy Light dmg. May be passable, but I won't recommend something I have not tested myself yet.

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Posted 05 March 2014 - 08:47 AM




Mace choice is pretty much limited, but again is based on the build you are making.

Cards: Kukuring Neutral atk 7%


*By Carga Bravery, we of course means the 50% MATK variant not the 22% MATK variant which you should turn into an Ancient Rune and save for when we can make VVVS Quadrille.



Carga Bravery INT 15, MAXHP +something > Carga Bravery INT 7, MAXHP +something > VVVS Smasher > Phantom Mace S

There are three HP-adding Carga Maces, 161, 155, and 115 HP. Evitte is fortunate to have the 15 and 161 combo. Greedyxangel has the 15 and 115 combo. Of course, the more INT the better, but INT 7 will also do because there isn't much choice around. VVVS Smasher does not add HP but adds 13 SPR which is plenty. The INT bonus also means that you'd get the same MATK as a Carga Mace Bravery INT 7. Phantom Mace S does not have the same MATK the VVVS Smasher offers, but it's the best you can get if you saved enough GC.



Carga Bravery INT 15 INT 7 > VVVS Karga Mace > Carga INT 15 > Carga Bravery INT 7 / VVVS Smasher > Phantom Mace S > Iron Driver S2 > Veteran Hammer S2 > Phantom Mace > Cleaver S > Veteran Hammer S

Well, Carga INT 22 is self explanatory but no one has ever had the pleasure of owning this. Even after we are able to craft the VVVS Quadrille, this mace would still beat it by 10 MATK. The VVVS Karga Mace adds 14 STR to the mix, which does not really do much in terms of Holy Hammer damage. Carga INT 15 and 7 are self explanatory. VVVS Smasher has a higher MATK though, than the Carga B INT 7. The maces above are arranged in order of the final MATK they give.



Carga Bravery INT 15, MAXHP +something > Carga Bravery INT 7, MAXHP +something > Carga Mace HP HP > VVVS Smasher

Defensive priests need also the same maces as a Balanced priest. The 15 INT is needed for higher heals and the HP is a no brainer. The double HP Mace seems like a delightful idea but no one has tested this yet.


Phantom Mace and Slash of Honor S are your standard grinding weapons. They will do fine in BF, but don't expect very high heals from either.

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Posted 05 March 2014 - 08:47 AM


Standard Cleric / Annoying Fairy Princess

99 INT, VIT / SPR distribution upon your need


The aim is to avoid dps knights and Sonic Blow 'sins, and punish middle settlers / weakened targets with a MAX INT holy light. 30 SPR should be enough for the current metagame Wiz. And the remaining stat points should be allotted to VIT to give some resistance to physical attacks in case they are unavoidable. Without stat scrolls, no stat can be added to VIT, and SPR will max at 25. You can add more VIT and less SPR if you feel you're having trouble with Sonic Blows and DPS.


Hit Em Like a Truck

80 INT, 50 VIT, 40 SPR



This build will resist the occasional sonic blow with enough DEF and can survive a 57% extra neutral damage 1.3K ATK from a top assassin. Pair this with 280 DEF and you can safely lower the VIT to increase the INT for more damage and heal. Should be able to heal off damages from DPS given you don't stun to death. The 10 SPR points maybe unnecessary and can be given to VIT preferrably or INT depending on your needs. This build requires stat scrolls and cannot be done without them. BabyTiffany of Asgard used to sport this build in the abundance of physical attackers.





Green Potions

I cannot stress how important this is in a wizard-dominated Battlefield. Green Pots cures immobility from NAPALM BEAT skill, which wizards spam a lot these days so keep that in your shortcuts. Also, beware of not bringing enough. If you get killed by Napalm Beat, you won't be able to move after respawning. This is a bug in the game that has not been addressed or probably will ever be so keep those green pots handy.


Blue Potions

If being a priest is like life, the Slash of Honor S is the nanny that spoiled you never to rely on blue pots. Unfortunately inside the BF, the nanny is most likely not the weapon of choice, so you lose the SP regen. Using a Phantom Mace or Karga Mace Bravery will consume your SP with every heal so keep those blues in the shortcut.


Cheese Pizza

2 Fresh Breads (VS Kukukings) and 1 Fresh Cheese (Mace Kobolds) adds 6 INT / 30 MATK. This is essential for priests that use Nightmare instead of Sohee and basically not something you don't want to have inside. The effect wears off after ten minutes so put this on your shortcut list.


Spe Toast

Adds 30 MDEF. NEVER go inside BF without this. You need 2 Fresh Sandwich Bread from VS Hammer Kobolds / VS Pirate Skels and Fresh Cheese from VS Mace Kobolds / VS Goblins


Spe Mushroom Stew

2 Fresh Sauce from VS Goblin Champs and 1 Fresh Mushroom from VS Dullahan. Adds 10 SPR (3 SP regen) and 10 MDEF.


Bitter Invigorant

2 Fresh Medicinal Roots (VS Raydric) and 1 Fresh Mushroom (VS Dullahan). Adds 10 VIT which translates to 40 - 120 HP depending on your VIT. Also adds on your DEF.




Some Final Tips

1. No matter how good your equips are, you are always at the mercy of your device / internet connection. If your phone is acting up / your internet connection sucks, you will not do very well in your room. Always invest on these before anything else.


2. Don't be annoying. Don't go Holy Lighting full HP targets coz you can't really kill anyone with one HL, unless they're like level 10. In the end, this can get you more trouble than good. In fact, what good does holy lighting a full HP do other than have that person turn on you?


3. Patience. Don't attack a wiz that has just cast its MS. Wait for a good time to strike. 


4. Stack those blue pots. Chances are you will run out of SP healing yourself from all the random firebolt you get. Keep those blue pots ready in a convenient slot.


5. Bring green pots. There is a crazy bug now where if you die from a napalm beat, you won't be able to move after you respawn and you would need to restart. A green pot will lift this immobility. Keep some in handy in case you don't have cure. A similar happens when you die from a storm gust. You would respawn and won't be able to defrost yourself. Sadly, a green pot does not work in this case. Best relog.


6. Don't take it too personally. It's just a game. Don't go revenge killing. Focus on getting those emps / valks and staying alive as long as possible.


7. Know your threats and avoid them. Choose your room. Find the people you synergize with properly. Chances are, you have the same playing styles as other priests, and a room with too many priests can cause you less points.


8. Buddy up. Make alliances. It may be free for all inside, but a wizard spamming bolts on you might as well be a wizard spamming bolts on a dps attacking you.


9. Time your heals. See a wiz with "FIRE BOLT" written over its head. Time to press heal after .5 seconds.


10. Avoid stun. D'oh. Generally, avoid a dps or approach them with caution. Also these things called Meteor Storm, don't get too close.


11. You can't beat everyone. Just because you got the best eq doesn't make you invincible. In fact, the better eq and standing you have, the more likely you'd be considered a threat and be targeted. Play it wisely and don't tempt luck and go holy lighting everyone you see.


12. Always check your gear before starting. It has happened several times that I come in and get killed because I am wearing the wrong shield or shoes. Also, pay attention to your buffs.



How much HP do I need inside?

A lot. I mean like over 9,000. I have 9,299 and I can be taken down with enough persistence or if my heal does not cooperate.


What level do I start playing BF?

I started BF a little too early at level 62, though in my defense, people weren't very high level then. Most everyone is still scratching 71-73. But the level gap made me a fame fodder and my equips are pretty crappy. VS Sleipnir, Ascetic Manteau, and Angelic Protctn S can be worn at lvls 66, 67, and 68. Without stat scrolls, you won't be maxing your INT at level 66 and this means you don't have stats for SPR and VIT. Looking back, I think the ideal level is 70.


Why should I play BF?

Because it's fun and challenging and you get to die without losing 2%. Also you get gold ingots to buy better equips from the GC trade.


What to do when I skill bug inside?

If it's still early and you don't have much fame yet, I suggest a quick relog. If it's like the last 5 minutes, then I suggest you just sit down and accept the rank points / fame points you have. Chances are, you might get into a crappy room and get negative fame. A relog would normally cost 30-45 seconds. Sometimes, it's ok to just give up. If you skill bug midway, like 10-11 minutes in, then tough luck. A lot of time left, so relog is advisable.


I followed all your advice and I am still crappy; your advice is bad and you should feel bad.

No one improves overnight. It took me a long time to understand what I am doing wrong and how to play inside. Dust yourself off and try again. You will eventually get it.


What's your worst BF experience?

I skill bugged thrice. Got killed on the first relog only to skill bug again. Relogged got killed twice. Skill bug again. Then I just cried and ate my cookies.


If you have anymore questions or anything to share, please do.

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Posted 11 March 2014 - 08:16 AM

Wow what a detailed guid. My char is not a priest but i do hope all job classes guide should be like this one. 4 thumbs up!

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Posted 19 March 2014 - 08:08 AM

Nice work evitte #2.

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Posted 21 March 2014 - 06:59 AM

Nice work evitte #2.



Thanks, risend. I have been very busy lately that I am having a hard time finishing this new version. Also, I've lost some of Mich's notes. Lol. But, hey, thanks.

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Posted 21 March 2014 - 07:00 AM

Wow what a detailed guid. My char is not a priest but i do hope all job classes guide should be like this one. 4 thumbs up!

Thank you! You are very kind, sir.

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Posted 29 March 2014 - 06:31 AM

imo d family helm are defensive mode, with +mhp (which is the 1st thing we seek for battle hat) and +all can translated to additional vit & spr.

for me, if dont mind with little low matk (compared with other helmet) i would choose this for better defense.

correct me if am wrong /flg

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Posted 29 March 2014 - 06:53 AM

imo d family helm are defensive mode, with +mhp (which is the 1st thing we seek for battle hat) and +all can translated to additional vit & spr.

for me, if dont mind with little low matk (compared with other helmet) i would choose this for better defense.

correct me if am wrong /flg

To each his own, so I'm not gonna correct you. But the 4 additional mdef and vit does not really add up to much, at least for my playing style. I think I'd rather go offensive than defensive because I hate it when valks escapes me with very little hp after an HL hammer Hl combo.

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@  fffjianbin : (16 March 2016 - 04:11 PM) I can only post here. Anyone knows which SD is better lv
@  Joao.Cavalcante : (22 February 2016 - 11:23 PM) After 2014 the server was tottaly reseted and everybody lost everything
@  Joao.Cavalcante : (22 February 2016 - 11:21 PM) Why i cant post here?
@  Kalizer : (19 February 2016 - 01:54 AM) i dont know my UUID cause i left the game in 2014, i reconnect yesterday and i lost my old characters, what can i do?
@  duduthz : (16 February 2016 - 03:54 PM) is this is a new one or they just update and improve the old version?
@  duduthz : (16 February 2016 - 03:53 PM) i do have some old account on the old valkyrie uprising path of heroes why when i open this valkyrie uprising path of heroes my char is gone?
@  Sloppy : (18 January 2016 - 05:23 PM) verify account problem should be fixed, i think..
@  Pancakemanz : (27 December 2015 - 02:36 AM) any idea why I can't use my mercs and the game freezes in the SD?
@  Drazzilb : (25 December 2015 - 04:36 PM) can't verify my account