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Full FS stats and gears?

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#1 FSnoob



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Posted 27 April 2014 - 07:54 AM

I saw a post by evitte on other yhreads that details out the different gears a full FS could use.

I was just wondering, are there any guides (even quick ones) to the stat builds? What should I focus first-- so I'm able to survive even a little of soloing till I hit level 40s/50s. My aim is to be a full FS come 61. Any advice from our pro priests?

Also, as far as the gears should I start putting cards as early as my low level experience? Or start carding them when I get to the good gears evitte listed down?

#2 RedPriestess


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Posted 27 April 2014 - 08:39 AM

Hi FSnoob,


To become a full pledge FS, focus on your INT and allocate all of your points here first. This is basically what we need to increase our max heal. If you intend to go solo before you're level 40-50, I'm afraid it would be hard to do it on the same lvl of mob as you are even if you bulk up yourself with VIT. Chances are you'd end up soloing on lower level mobs and still may experience difficulties keeping up with their damage. Doing the main quests alone is possible but some tasks would be a challenge.  Party-up with starters such as yourself to quickly finish the quests. My advise is to start grinding right after finishing the main quests :). Grinding is the easiest way to acquire EXP and ZENNY without spending. 


It is best to start equipping your gears with cards if you intend to do soloing most of the time. For weapon, R3 kukuring is enough for vvvs morning star to start with. You can always check the auction for good deals as there are some equips being sold at really cheap price. For armors, r3 cards are good as well. You can save up for better equips and r4 cards once you started grinding. 

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#3 Jaleah


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Posted 27 April 2014 - 10:48 AM

The purpose of the guide is to direct you to the right role you wish to play as, but you don't necessarily need to follow and allocate your points to the "t" either.

I started out using Themis/Violaire's guide since I preferred soloing until I get the "hang" of things in ROVU. Pumped STR then put some on VIT when I felt like my character needed more damage mitigation (figure the less time I spend with 1 mob the better). Crafted my own gears and bought a few when I was able to afford them. Levels 1-44 was pretty straight-forward for me just by using the Battle guide. At job level 35 I jumped right into FS thinking my life will be easier. I was wrong, I was prone to wait for a group to help kill things....luckily I am a Ruby player so I spent rubies to revert me back the way I know how to kill, as a Battle. Along the way, I bumped into some FS and observed that they can be self-sufficient using Holy Light too. So, I started reading Evitte's guide when I felt I was ready to commit to support role with Holy Light. Her brother's contributions in these forums is just as knowledgeable in his own right as well as the other players in here too...so always feel free to ask...I know I still do and they are there to help :P

Also understand that by job level 35 you will receive a Flash Stick (resets skill tree) that you can use when you are finally ready to be an FS and hopefully you still saved that Time Capsule (resets stats). Plan ahead which you are doing now and don't be hasty like I was.

Understand that pumping all out INT will make your character squishy, sure you have nice healing numbers, but you will be casting more heals than go on the offense when you're soloing...how long can your SP sustain you if you're expending too many Blue potions, which can be quite expensive if you're new to the game? Ruby player has no problems with potions, but even so can become quite expensive on their wallets :D

Having some VIT helps, especially when soloing. This is only based on my style though. You see, I like to be independent and I hate being held back waiting on parties. I plan to make a Battle Priest, but that project is at a later date. But all my priest chars will have VIT all the way to 40 and the rest on INT even up til now. Because that is how I like to roll :P

In terms of gears, well I would say they can be quite expensive if you plan to solo throughout your career, but way less if you are support, but spend alot on blue potions. Also wait until you have decent equips...you will outgrow some of them.

#4 Jaleah


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Posted 27 April 2014 - 10:49 AM

Omg...sorry for the long novel :(

#5 evitte2


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Posted 30 April 2014 - 02:19 AM

This is a very short guide: don't go solo as a FULL SUPPORT priest. Support something. That is all.

#6 Pirezinha



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Posted 01 May 2014 - 02:08 AM


Soo, i was an Full support Acolyte/Priest when i start and, isn't good if you don't have friends on game. FULL SUPPORT, have nice buffs and survivability (Maybe? heh) but takes to kill if you are solo (you maybe die  oftentimes in the process). But if you have friends, to go dungeons, lvl up and other things, is very much good.

FS acolyte focus more on buffs and heal, so Holy Light isn't good (but are one of best skills if you want go to battlefield)



6 INT 3 VIT or 6 INT 2 VIT 1SPR (if you want survivability)




FULL INT (Battle Acolyte)



Focus in equips who give MATK and defense status



if you want go to BATTLEFIELD focus on cards who give more neutral dmg and neutral defense



if you want go dungeons, survivability, etc. Focus on cards who give more HP (i think, HP is better than DEF cards heh).

Sp cards are good to, but dont focus too much

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#7 Jaleah


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Posted 05 May 2014 - 11:23 PM

Questions for Pirezinha at http://valkyrieupris...9567#entry39567.

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