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Posted 01 May 2014 - 09:35 AM



OFF-TOPIC:  I didn't want to spend time talking about another path for priests since a fellow priest was talking about FS Gears/Stats.


so Holy Light isn't good (but are one of best skills if you want go to battlefield)



6 INT 2 VIT 1SPR (if you want survivability)




FULL INT (Battle Acolyte)



Focus in equips who give MATK and defense status



if you want go dungeons, survivability, etc. Focus on cards who give more HP (i think, HP is better than DEF cards heh).

Sp cards are good to, but dont focus too much

I am not responding because I am bashing on your thread Pirenzinha.  I am responding because I want you to clarify a few statements that you made that clashes with my experience and knowledge as Battle and as a Full-Support Priest.  Perhaps you can shed me some light on this newfound information that you have obtained and that I may have missed when I first started leveling as an acolyte.


On your status section.  This build you have provided spreads the player's stats too thin and too early in the game to be concerned with SPR.  Stats should be focused on either INT; INT/VIT; STR/VIT.  If you're concern of SP regeneration, SPR really doesn't do much based on my own experience.  You can get SP by equipping Seyren S (http://database.valk...n-boots-s/8/128), Slash of Honor (http://database.valkyrieuprising.com/items/slash-of-honor/4/135), or Slash of Honor S (http://database.valkyrieuprising.com/items/slash-of-honor-s/4/136).


All INT for Battle specialization?  I have never met a battle priest that allocated their stats to all INT; however, there are a few hybrid battle that mixed and tested Holy Hammer along with Holy Light, hence their stats are spread on STR/INT/VIT.  Battle is geared toward bashing the monsters/beasts head-to-head to a pulp, swiftly.  The most common skill used by Battle Priests is Holy Hammer, which is affected by physical attacks strength (to pound your target using your mace), if you look carefully in your tree.  This is not affected by your magical; therefore, INT has nothing to do with this skill.  Further information can be found using Themis/Violair's guide, so there's no point for me to further explain this.


I tend to disagree on your statement where Holy Light is a skill that is "no-good" for FS.  True that the definition of FS is Full Support, but having this later on if you can manage to attain this will help you solo and accomplish minor tasks like doing some gold coins quests or other easy side quests while auto-attacking.  This is the only offensive skill that I know that is useful to FS (Sanctuary also helps versus Shadow elements, but is hardly used by FS unless they don't mind carrying and blowing alot of Blue Gems because this skill consumes 1 blue gem on use.  By experience, I can still be considered an FS since I maxed out all my support skills and heals, but I can also go on the offensive since I have HL and this skill is maxed suited to my gamestyle.  The only thing I had to give up on is the Resurrection skill because I can always teleport them back anyway....granted the player needs to be smart about getting their HP a little bit higher to prevent them from dying again.


On your gears and cards section.  You recommended that the player focuses on gears with DEF and yet you're recommending more HP than DEF for cards.  As for more HP versus DEF, I tend to lean toward more DEF that way I can mitigate damage and having some VIT allocated helps.  Nowadays, it is easy to get close to 300 DEF and can basically become a Tankadin like FS/Battle in certain maps.


If you pump too much HP cards, you'd be consuming way more time trying to heal yourself back to full health, but then again....only shoes, helmets, and accessories can slot HP and/or SP cards.  SP cards are usually slotted into accessories nowhere else based on my observation on other player's gears.


Normally, you'd want to use goblin cards on your helmet or shoes on cheaper items until you get your end game gear.....accessories if you wish to pvp.  End game items, you route with poring cards....I haven't seen any 7% neutral cards for helms/shoes aside from weapons.


- In terms of carding in armors, you can only go DEF/MDEF really.

- In terms of carding in manteaus, most I have seen for those specializing in battle, uses ASPD/AGI.  FS mants focuses on AGI to help increase healing skill (not entirely sure how this is affecting it, but it does show).  I haven't seen DEF mants for priests yet, but this can be helpful if they want to experiment on being a Tankadin...spam heals....

- In terms of carding in weapons, well you can go INT/MAtk/Neutral (general).  Focused on elemental cards when soloing PvE (haven't seen any priests with elemental cards on their weapons so I'm not sure myself).

- In terms of carding for shields, well if you're fusing there's really no point really on carding because the real tank soaks the damage not the FS.  The only time I see priest's shield carded is if they enter battlefield or solo certain high-end areas.  This is open to interpretation really.


Anyway, please clarify and help me understand :P

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Posted 05 May 2014 - 11:21 PM

Just waiting on Pirezinha's reply before I lock this thread. I believe one should always support their statement and shouldn't hesitate and be scared to share their views...I am pretty sure some may share your view on this and if persuaded, can start thinking the same way. Plus it's a forum where players around the world shares their experience, knowledge, and ideas across the board :)

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