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What is a good staff for a low level wiz

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#1 SinNatic


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Posted 06 June 2014 - 12:16 PM

I got lvl 64 wiz. And i want it to go dulla. Is arc mighty staff s2 good enough for it? Im planing to add some 7/7/7 shadow cards on it. Anyone have a suggestion??? Thanks in advance

#2 Jaleah


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Posted 08 June 2014 - 12:31 AM

I am not an experience wizard, so this response is only based from my own experience.  Plenty of experienced wizards that are shy to speak up and end up lurking, but try visiting Souken's Wizard Guide, a pinned thread that has discussions on what equipments to use :D
If I have been using a Deadwood Staff S (Level 55/134 Atk/59% MAtk / Bonus:  6 MAtk/220 MaxSP) Mimic (3) cards x3 when I was level 55 all the way til I replaced it with a Kronos S2 (Level 67/165 Atk/73% MAtk / Bonus:  10%MaxSP/10 MAtk) Gibbet (4) cards x3 at level 67 and now that I am level 74 going to get a Cleric Wand S (Level 73/166 Atk/71% MAtk / Bonus:  9% Shadow Atk/10 INT), I don't see why you can't use that staff....that 70% MAtk without the upgrade is pretty on it's own, even +4/5 upgrade would do some good and you already plan to use Mimic (4) cards x 3.  Use it if you got it :P
Other Staves
Jucid S2
Level 52 / 134 Atk / 62% MAtk
Bonus:  5% Water Atk / 5% Neutral Atk
**Note:  Raydric is a water elemental monster/beast
Deadwood S2
Level 55 / 143 Atk / 65% MAtk
Bonus:  9 MAtk / 7 INT
Kronos (Bravery)
Level 60 / 144 Atk / 66% MAtk
Bonus:  INT 12/13/16 / 16 MAtk / 12/13 SPR/VIT
**Note:  If you're lucky....imagine obtaining a bonus stat of 16 INT / 13 INT
Croce Staff S2
Level 61 / 150 Atk / 66% MAtk
Bonus:  11% Shadow Atk / 10% MaxSP
**Note:  Dullahan is a shadow elemental monster/beast.
Kronos S
Level 67 / 154 Atk / 67% MAtk
Bonus:  10 MAtk / 2% SP Recovery
Lacryma S
Level 70 / 160 Atk / 69% MAtk
Bonus:  10 MAtk / 3% SP Recovery
Lacryma S2
Level 70 / 170 Atk / 76% MAtk
Bonus:  9 MAtk / 8 INT
Cleric S2
Level 73 / 182 Atk / 78% MAtk
Bonus:  32 MAtk / 12 INT
**Note:  All the staves mentioned are pretty popular and depending on affordability to acquire them, if not, just save towards the next level like keep using Arc Mighty S2 and saving to purchase a Cleric S or Cleric S2....or you can go for broke and try your luck at crafting :D

#3 zee


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Posted 09 June 2014 - 05:01 AM

I use +8 dws2 777 shadow from early 60s until now, Lvl 71. Already have my +7 cleric s 777 shadow waiting for me at lvl 73. I stay away from "Pro" parties in promote. And I haven't gotten booted for lack of damage.

I use it in ferry/skels too. I claim to be water wiz with dura water shoes and an obsolete gsh water. Enough to kill vs skel in 2 casts.

Here is my suggestion if you want to dulla:
1. Get your shadow hat first. Jolly or better. Must have for dulla or you will get kicked for not being full shadow, especially at lower 60s.
2. Shadow staff next. The best you can afford at the level you are currently in. Ranked: croce s2, vvvs deadwood, dws2, kronos s2.

For final shadow staff either:
Lvl 73 cleric s, strongest shadow staff in game so far. My preference.
Lvl 70 lacryma s, just slightly stronger than dws2 but has sp regen for unli dulla.

3. Water shoes for raydrics. Optional but always preferred. Matk shoes are an alternative but elem% dmg is always better in the long run compared to additional fixed matk.

Benchmark: I was around 850 matk when I started dulla. Water shoes not matk shoes equipped.
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#4 SinNatic


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Posted 12 June 2014 - 07:25 AM

Hmmm. Sir zee. So you mean that having a Shadow Staff is not enough for dulla? Like having +7 Arc Mighty Staff S2 7/7/7 shadow cards? Cause it will be 70+11% matk right? Is it not enough? I really like the matk of AMS2. 70 percent matk is a hell lot of matk for low level demand.

#5 SinNatic


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Posted 12 June 2014 - 07:28 AM

And i want to know sir. If MS and LOV skill a good skill? Cause i always see MS and the ice thing combo And im planning to reskill to MS and HD cause HD animation is cool :3 heh. Sorry for being noob not knowing the ice thing skill name =_= sob.

#6 zee


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Posted 13 June 2014 - 05:42 AM

Arc mighty s2 doesn't give much int/matk, which makes it a weaker staff despite the 70% matk. With my equips and stats, a +8 arc mighty s2 is 45 matk less than a +8 dws2 which can be equipped earlier. But it is sufficient depending on your other gears and how picky the party is.

Just base on your matk. 800 matk with full shadow is ok for some parties. Lowest probably 750. What's important is that you are full shadow. People usually don't ask your matk anyway. But there are times they'll ask if you are full shadow before they even tele you to map.

I wouldn't scrimp on gears as wiz coz you'll be dictating how fast you and your party can level. That's why people who are rushing or planning to use books are picky when it comes to wiz.

Ms+lov is ideal and kills raydrics faster. Ms+sg is ok too. I'm ms+lov right now. But don't know if I will reskill for juno. I haven't explored the map yet.

#7 iLuvSayO



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Posted 17 June 2014 - 04:47 AM

In my opinion.. Arc mighty staff s2 is already enough if u already got that.. just make +7 or +8 and put shad777 on it..i will be enough to have dmg around 1.7k atleast to normal dulla.. but u still need a shadow666 helm and water666 shoes coz u still got raydric that water type there..


If u can affored another staff.. croce staff s2 will be better for low lvl wiz that want to grind at dulla..


for skill.. MS+SG is the best combination coz its more fast kill compare to SG+LoV.. LoV dmg are little bit lesser than SG..i already tried LoV lv10 and SG lv5.. SG lv5 more greater dmg compare to LoV lv10.. if u bought extra skill.. u will have perfect skill for grind and pvp..


Lv5 sp recovery

Lv10 coat

Lv5 fire bolt

Lv10 upgrade firebolt

Lv5 cold bolt

Lv10 upgrade coldbolt

Lv10 MS

Lv5 SG

Play HARD and Work HARD.. That`s the BEST WAY to GET STRONGER..!!! 


Server : Ran

Char     : Wizard

IGN     : iLuvSayO

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