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Safety Wall and Energy Coat Guide

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Posted 15 December 2014 - 11:17 AM

Hi guys.


I just wanted to educate my fellow wizards on how these two skills works.


I believe understanding how these two skills work is essential in optimizing your wizard for PvP.



PART 1:   Safety Wall


A lot of people are confused about how this skill works so I am here to explain it.


The description says the max damage SW will absorb is 100*Base Level


When they say base level, this means your ACTUAL base level (NOT the level of the skill).  


So my wizard is level 95, this means the maximum damage the safety wall will reduce is 95x100 = 9500 damage


The cool thing about safety wall is that regardless of the level of the skill,  it will always absorb 100*base level.


This means even at level 1, my safety wall will absorb 9500 damage.  The difference between level 1 and level 10 safety wall however, is the AMOUNT of hits it will absorb.


Level 1 will disappear after one hit and level 10 will disappear after 10 hits.


However, they will BOTH disappear once the damage reaches 9500.


So if someone hits you with 9500 damage in one hit, both level 1 and level 10 safety wall will disappear after that one hit.


In this case, both level 1 and level 10 safety wall would have essentially done the same thing. 


However, one wizard just spent one point on safety wall and the other wizard just wasted 9 skills points which didn't benefit him at all.


This is why I don't recommend everyone maxing out safety wall because it becomes useless after it reaches 100*Base level.


What level is optimal for your character depends on your level, vit, and defense.  


You don't want to get level 10 SW, when your SW will just disppear after 4 hits because you could have just gotten level 4 SW and done the exact same thing.



Now how do we optimize this for PvP?


For PvM, level 10 is nice because monsters in this game are pretty weak and most likely you can survive 10 hits before it reaches 9500 damage.


However, for PvP this is a different story.


Sins are probably the worst enemies for Wizards because they can one hit us.   In addition to that, every time we use meteor storm we give them the opportunity to give them exactly what they want, which is valk bug.


I am here to tell you that we can prevent all that with the help of safety wall.


Sonic Blow by the nature of the skill does a total of 8 hits.


However, this doesn't mean we should get level 8 safety wall because most likely the wall will hit the maximum and disappear way before all 8 hits pass.


So the BIG question is what level should we get?


I did the math and it comes out to be level 5.




If you test out the damage of sonic blow, the average pro sin does about 16k damage.


This means each hit of sonic blow does about 2k per hit.


For me, the maximum damage my wall can absorb is 9.5k.  So the maximum amount of hits that my wall can negate from sonic blow is 5 hits from a pro sin.


I believe even though the last hit goes over 9.5k, the safety wall will absorb the entire hit because there is not such thing as partial damage.


So using level 5 safety wall, you can effectively reduce sonic blow to hitting you with only 3 hits instead of 8 which makes it very possible for us wizards to tank it.


I will go over energy coat next to see if your wizard can tank it or not.


Also as sins get stronger, the new limit might be level 4.  But that would require them to hit us with at least 19k damage.



I hope this information is useful for you guys. 


This can definitely help wizards stand up to sins especially the ones using SH.  Just SW and meteor, as long as they can't one hit you, you will kill them and prevent them from getting valk bug.

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#2 Wesker1


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Posted 15 December 2014 - 11:17 AM

Update:  Some sins can actually hit over 19k which might make it better to just get level 4 but it is really up to you.


Also in practice it is much more complicated then this because you have a lot of other people smacking you and not just one sin.




Energy coat is an amazing skill for Wizards.  Basically the skill doubles your HP at max level.


This skill is definitely a requirement for wizards that are going to PvP.


Here is how the skill works:


As long as your SP is over 50%, the next incoming hit will be reduced 50% damage.  


This is for the ENTIRE duration of the next skill that hits you.  


This means for bolts and sonic blow, even though your SP will be reduced by more than 50% well before the last hit, every single hit of the skill will STILL be reduced by 50%.



Another cool thing about the skill is that you don't need full SP to receive the 50% damage reduction.  You only have to have 50% SP.


So a wizard with Full SP will receive the same damage as a wizard with 50% SP.


The only time it will make a difference is when the wizard with full SP will still have over 50% of their SP after getting hit once.



However, the damage in this game is so high that it is likely a wizard will not have 50% SP after getting hit once.  


The amount of SP that is reduced is 25% of the damage and I believe this damage is the damage before the 50% reduction from the skill.


My max SP now is 2790.   That means after (2790/2)/.25 = 5580 Damage my SP will have halved and I will no longer have the benefits of energy coat.






So how do we use this information?


A lot of wizard have a question on whether to stack HP or SP.   The answer is to always stack HP.


There is no point in stacking SP unless after the first hit you still have 50% SP AND you can still take another hit at 50% damage and survive it.




Also the knowing that the 50% damage reduction is the same whether you are at 50% SP or full SP makes it crucial to keep your SP at a least 50%.


This is where battle SP pots become very useful.


Let's say you get hit and lose your energy coat.  You can effectively double the HP you have now by using SP pots to get to that 50% and recasting energy coat.


There will be times where you are bleeding and have to decide whether it is better to use HP pots or SP pots to recast energy coat.


In a lot of cases, it might be more beneficial to use SP pots first to get your e-coat back up than it is to just use HP pots right off the bat.

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#3 Peilobak


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Posted 22 December 2014 - 05:30 AM

Great guide, Wesker. Also I would like to add that SOMETIMES there is a Safety Wall bug--wherein the Meteor Storm doesn't take effect (even though it says 'Meteor storm' on your head) when Safety Wall is being used. Sometimes it happens. Sometimes it doesnt.

#4 Wesker1


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Posted 22 December 2014 - 07:05 PM

Great guide, Wesker. Also I would like to add that SOMETIMES there is a Safety Wall bug--wherein the Meteor Storm doesn't take effect (even though it says 'Meteor storm' on your head) when Safety Wall is being used. Sometimes it happens. Sometimes it doesnt.


It is cause you are pressing meteor storm too fast.   You have to wait till the safety wall is out then press meteor.


This is where the flaw of SW comes in.  The cool down time.   Sometimes it might be better just go for the sudden MS attack rather than to cast SW beforehand.  

#5 capthitsugaya



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Posted 22 February 2015 - 02:58 AM

What's with the random spams? lol.


Ok, SW would negate almost all of a Knight's attacks since they comprise of fast solid blows that a one-hit combo?

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